Rehabilitation of the hemiplegic and cerebellar ataxic patient


Anne de Morand

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The increase in the number of strokes in France has made the rehabilitation of hemiplegic patients a real public health issue. The same is true for cerebellar ataxia. Moreover, progress in medical imaging has enabled neurological research to progress considerably. The rehabilitation of these patients has therefore evolved and has been enriched by new techniques and recommendations validated by the HAS.

This training aims to improve the physiotherapy management of hemiplegic and ataxic patients based on the latest studies published in the literature.

Based on the latest advances in neuroplasticity, it develops new functional approaches that physiotherapists can propose to their patients. This training is above all practical and proposes rehabilitation workshops that can be personalised for each patient and carried out in any practice or at home.

  • To know and use the new methods of functional rehabilitation for hemiplegic and ataxic patients (Gait trainer, muscular reinforcement, aerobic exercises, virtual reality, robotic systems) according to the recommendations of the HAS
  • Know how to perform a specific assessment to determine the patient’s deficits and disabilities
  • Set up an adapted and personalised rehabilitation for each patient with dozens of different exercises.
  • Implement effective prevention of complications specific to hemiplegia (shoulder pain, sedentary lifestyle) and propose new tools for resuming sporting activity.

Since 2019: Private physiotherapist, Centre Paramédical AV2M, Rueil-Malmaison
– Partner since January 2011

2004-2019: Private physiotherapist, Centre Paramédical de la Boule, Nanterre
– Associate since January 2011
– Specialized in Neurology (70% of the patient base), Pediatrics and Orthopedics

Since 2014: Member of the Conseil Départemental de l’Ordre des Hauts de Seine (CDO 92)
Member of the Regional Council of the Order (CROMK) of Ile de France since 2017

Since 2017: Continuing education trainer for CEFIPS:
– Training on “Efficient rehabilitation of the hemiplegic patient” (CPD)

2016 Continuing education trainer for Orthorun:

– Theoretical and practical training of 14 hours: Management of the hemiplegic patient
in private practice (training paid for by the FIFPL)

2011-2016: Formatrice en Ecoles de Kinésithérapie:
– Ecole de Saint Maurice (94) pour le module Neurologie pratique
– Ecole d’Assas (75) pour le module Neurologie pratique
– Ecole Guinot (94) pour le module Neurologie théorique et pratique


Auteur :
– « Pratique de la Rééducation Neurologique » 2ème Edition, Elsevier Masson, Nov.
2014, 309 pages
– « Pratique de la Rééducation Neurologique », Elsevier Masson, Nov. 2010, 416 p
– « De l’évaluation à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie des blessés médullaires »,
Kinésithérapie Scientifique N° 493, Novembre 2008,1859

2012 Expertise:

– Participation in the professional recommendations of the HAS: Indications and application of
of motor function rehabilitation methods in adults after stroke
– Participation in the HAS reading group: Care pathway / Parkinson’s disease

June 2004: State diploma of Masseur-Kinésithérapeute
Rank: 6th in Ile de France

2003 Internship at the Centre Mutualiste de Kerpape, Bretagne:

Thesis: “From the evaluation to the improvement of the quality of life of a spinal cord injured person”.

2001-2004 ASSAS School of Physiotherapy, Paris
2000-2001 Preparatory class at the University of PITIE SALPETRIERE, Paris


Rehabilitation of the hemiplegic and cerebellar ataxic patient