Pediatric Integrative Manual Therapy


Iñaki Pastor – TMPI team

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TMPI is a conceptual model that integrates neurodevelopment and manual therapy to provide physiotherapy for ALL children with musculoskeletal or neurodevelopmental problems.

TMPI bases its decision making on evidence-based practice as well as the ICF classification to take a biopsychosocial approach to the child to better meet the needs of the child and family.

TMIP proposes a paediatric physiotherapy pathway based on sensory stimulation, motor and postural patterns
ontogenic motor and postural patterns of the baby and on the stimulation of automatisms that support the optimal functioning of the nervous system.

Dates and duration: 31h online and 36h face-to-face

10/10/22 and 14/11/22 Webinar (5-8pm)

From 16/11/22 to 20/11/22 face-to-face

05/12/22 and 12/12/22 Webinar (5pm to 8pm)


• Understanding sensory and motor development and neuro-programming in babies.

• To know the stages of motor development and the evolution of postural control in babies and newborns.

• Acquire skills for the assessment of neurodevelopment in infants and newborns.

• To acquire the basic skills for the treatment and stimulation of neurodevelopment.

• Phylogenesis and ontogeny of postural organization and movement.

• Movement as a basis for physiological motor development.

• A wide variety of innate and acquired motor programs.

• Assessment of motor and spontaneous behaviour in the first 15 months.

• Sensory integration as a modulator of natural development.

• Prenatal factors in developmental problems.

• Medical and educational classification of attention and learning difficulties.

• Main theories on motor control: hierarchy, programming and dynamic systems and its impact on the processing model.

• Physiology and function of the vestibular system.

• Presence of primitive reflexes and other automatisms as a sign of immaturity or CNS dysfunction. Current evidence.

• IPMT assessment of neurodevelopmental alterations.

• Towards an integrated model of manual therapy in neurodevelopment.

• Towards neuro-sensory-motor reprogramming.

• Assessment of postural responses as an indicator of healthy development.

• Assessment of primitive and postural reflexes in infants as an indicator of healthy development.

• Mechanical dysfunctions that can block ideal neurosensory development.

• Phases of sensory processing and its programming.

• The development of the senses: somatic and special.

• The role of the vestibular system and tactile information in the neurodevelopment of the baby.

• Keys to programming: stimulation, repetition and importance.

• The ideal setting for baby stimulation and environment. Parent education and health professional advice.

Proprioceptive information as a contrast to visual and vestibular information in the CNS.

• Mechanical dysfunction as a source of proprioceptive error and deregulation of key neurodevelopmental automatisms.

• Reflexes underlying ocular motor control: vestibulo-ocular reflex, cervico-ocular reflex and optokinetic reflex. Assessment tools.

• Interprofessional treatment and communication: optometrist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychomotor therapist, psycho
logue, educational psychologist, neuro-paediatrician…

• Assistance, advice in the educational context.

• Visual and auditory therapy: when is it necessary?

• The role of integrative paediatric manual therapy within paediatric physiotherapy.

Examination and treatment in IPMT

• Examination and treatment of a real paediatric patient.

• Examination of the neurodevelopment of the baby:
– Attitude, posture and spontaneous movement.
– Postural reactions.
– Primitive reflexes and automatisms.
– Tonic evaluation.
• Advanced correction techniques for the cervical-cranial complex.
• TMIP correction techniques for mechanical dysfunctions of the upper cervical spine (II).
• Vestibular and tactile stimulation techniques.
• Development of correct postural patterns and movements in babies.

Iñaki Pastor (et TMPI team)

Physiotherapist. Director of the Pediatric Integrative Manual Therapy Training and of the Institute for Integrative Therapies.
Author of the book Manual therapy of the oculomotor system (Elsevier, 2012).

Iñaki has a master’s degree in paediatric physiotherapy. He is responsible for training in Global Postural Rehabilitation (GPR) in Canada. He gives trainings and seminars in cervical-cranial CPR in several countries.
Director of the Aragonese Institute of Child Health and Development (IASDI).


Pediatric Integrative Manual Therapy